And so we reach the end of this account of Barbarism and Civilisation.  It will not, I hope, be the end of the story – there is more to come.  But there are many gaps in the earlier part of the story to be filled, and then these must now have my full attention.

But here, at the end, come the miscellaneous bits and pieces which do not fit in elsewhere.

Firstly I would like to introduce some of my other websites: Vienna is particularly relevant as many of the ideas expressed in these pages originated there. Easter Island is an account of this very exotic of the exotic statues found there, while India is our account of this fascinating society. And at Paestum I give a comprehensive account of this of the only town where you can see three Greek temples.  But for the full account of my various websites, click here.

My Progress Report is mainly for my own interest, to see how these pages have grown.

Amarna and Pompeii is a comparison between these two towns, one a ‘barbarian’ town, the other a ‘civilised’ town.

And finally there is a dump of various pages which have been removed but not yet finally killed.

Finally, it is a place for comments. If you have read this far — if you have disagreed, here is a place for your disagreements – and I hope there will be plenty of disagreement

If by chance you agree with me, and approve of my vision of the past – I will be most flattered to hear  of your agreement.

And if you are simply a casual reader, if you have succeeded in penetrating  this far, then please do say hello!  I will be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!


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