Greece – extra

Greece – Extra

The Greek pages were the first to be written on this website, and  I have now revised them to make a coherent and consecutive history of Greece, tracing the history of Greece from the first emergence of classical Greece down to the present day.

However the original account had various ‘extras’ which do not form part of the new story, but are nevertheless important parts of the story of Greece, and these are collected here.

There’s the original account of Sparta. We had just visited Sparta, and I was very enthusiastic about it: my ‘take’ on Sparta is the most original – and I think compelling part of my story. I tell the tale at some length in these pages, notably my account of the temple of Artemis Othia, which is receiving a number of ‘hits’. We visited this site ourselves in 2008 and I took some good photos, so this well-illustrated account is the best account on the web of the history of Sparta. I also look st Mycenaean and indeed Roman Sparta.

Then there is my original account of the rise of Athens with an enthusiastic monetary basis.

A question of particular interest to me is how do you set about building a Greek temple? And in particular, how much did it cost? The answers are all to be found at Epidaurus, a site best known for its magnificent theatre; but the accounts of the building of the original temple were carved in stone and have been preserved so here I discuss them in some detail – which I think is fascinating.

As an aftermath to Sparta, there is then an account of Messene, the people whom the Spartans so cruelly overwhelmed, but who, after the fall of Sparta, rose again to become ‘Smarter than Sparta’.

And then there is the fascinating story of mediaeval Sparta, when new town was founded on a steep hillside at Mistra – which offers a fascinating account of life in Medieval Greece – again with a lot of good photos.

So here is some good extra reading – enjoy!




Epidaurus – how much does it cost to build a temple?

Messene – smarter than Sparta

Mistra – Medieval Sparta



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 21st May, 2016